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Intelligent Parking Garage Lamps Series
    Along with high layer construction developing and the increasing number of automobiles, underground garages have become the building essential part. Its lack of natural light, need long timing lighting features, lighting using electricity occupy more than 80% of building consumption. A 2,000 square meters of small and medium-sized underground garage, the annual electricity expense is more than one hundred thousand; large than ten thousand squares of underground garage, the annual electricity expense is more than one million; combined with the use of traditional 40Wfluorescent lamps, more energy consumption, more pollution, more increased operating cost pressures.
    Under the same lighting effects, intelligent human infrared induction garage lamp is saving more than 60% electricity compared with traditional lighting, and with longer using life. Warwick Kidde throuth deep research found: most people in the underground garage is through the parade, cruise, persistence, its lighting needs to be satisfied by“people come, lamp turns light; people gone, lamp turns dark, automatic sleep”

Six characteristics of intelligent infrared sensing garage lights
    Products Features:
    Intelligence:using infrared detected probe, smart detected surrounding environment, automatically adjusts the ultra-low lighting power consumption on static, adjustable according to the environment, without human control, lamps auto-sensing, auto-adjust to achieve people come, lamp turns light and people gone, lamp turns dark
    High Energy Saving:energy saving rate is as higher as 80-90%, with the same power is 10 times than incandescent brightness. When mobile objects into auto-sensing work at full capacity, 7-18W(0.6or1.2meters lamps), loaded with working hours, two seconds-60 seconds adjustable according to the environment, with daily average power consumption of 7-8 watts, Power Factor: PFC》0.9, Efficiency:》0.80;
    Fast Response:30seconds smart dimming, highlighting just 30seconds to turn the low-brightness, state a different angle of 1-10meters.
    Zero Pollution:no harmful gas(e.g.: mercury), no radiation(e.g.: ultraviolet).
    High Security:low voltage, safe and reliable, overvoltage, short circuit, open circuit protection, wide voltage input, constant current accuracy of 2%.
    Long Using Life:products using life more than 50000H.
Pass experiment and application to test&verify saving electricity rate up to 80-90%. When people in the underground garage, our products turn highlighting, power is 12-18watts, even the higher brightness than 18fluorescent lamps(total power is about 40watts),  the site has adequate lighting, when no people no car, lights in a dormant state, power is maintained at 2-7watts, fully able to maintain the camera security required minimum brightness.

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5years Cost Estimate:=5years Electricity Expense+ 5years Lamps Expense. Without Maintainance Expense. 5years calculate according 50000H.

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