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Stars changed positions, spring follows winter. JIANGSU YINYANG Electronics co., ltd. has gone through glorious history for 33 years. At the beginning creation of JIANGSU YINYANG Electronics co., ltd.(former is CHANGSHU TV components factory), Chairman Chen Biliang with forward-looking perspective, aimed at flourish developing field of broadcast television in China, overcame unimaginable difficulties to build up enterprise which was major produced the key element — Deflection Coils and Fly-Back Transformer on black and white TV, finally gained successd.

Bathed in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, JIANGSU YINYANG Electronics co., ltd. grasped the opportunity, challenged ourselves, made great progress. The early nineteen eighties, enterprise used "production line" working method instead of workshop method in the past, put forward to improve efficient process control capability and production efficiency. Relying on the excellent quality of products, "YINYANG BRAND" products had been the favorite by many domestic TV factories. In the meanwhile, enterprise promoted every basic management work and improved the connotation of self-developing.

In May. 1986, The enterprise fully implementation of technological transformation, imported production technology and key equipment from DOK Japan. Company had established the first TOSHIBA Ⅲ Fly-back transformer production line in the Eastern China, which was a symbol for the original product upgrade successfully and realized enterprise gorgeous turn.

In order to meet the development requirement, at the beginning of the ninety's, the enterprise established provincial level"JIANGSU YINYANG group company", and with the related companies formed a joint body, improved the ability to resist market risk. Along with the deepening of structural reform, in Jun. 1994 established "JIANGSU YINYANG Electronics co., ltd.". In Aug. 2000, founded "CHANGSHU YINYANG Electronics co., ltd." with HONGKONG DONGYU enterprise co., ltd.

CHANGSHU YINYANG Electronics co., ltd. continuously progress in company developing, achieved a hitherto unknown development, export products accounted for 75% of total production, quickly become the industry backbone exterprises, bussiness management and other work has created many remarkable achievements, win the domestic and foreign famous enterprises, government departments issued a lot of honor.

Over the past thirty years, JIANGSU YINYANG Electronics co., ltd. present great-leap-forward development of gratifying situation, the existing four production bases within each enterprise are toward the eastablished goal.

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